The Barcolana regatta is the most important event of the year for Trieste.

The second Sunday of October the gulf is a riot of colored sails, it is the day when our beloved city is in the spotlight of the whole world, 2000 crews competing against each other in what is above all a wonderful  sea party, the most crowded Mediterranean regatta.

Very large boats alongside a few meters of boats, this regatta is very different from the others and for this reason it is unique in the world.

The soul of the event is not the competitive and performing boats, those that will certainly contend for the first places, are the boats on Sunday those polished to the occasion, those whose skippers are content to place themselves in front of the neighbor mooring, there are small challenges in the race itself.

On board the galley is loaded with hams, wine demijohns, beer kegs, whole cheese shapes. There are those who also wear the guitar and the accordion, perhaps in a moment of calm can all sing together.

This is the spirit of the people of Trieste, people who love life, this is the Barcolana, good wind to all!

Photo by Marco

Information for a stay in the Barcolana's period